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Dr. Poris is exceptional. She has a truly artistic eye and is perfectly suited for the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. In addition to being a talented surgeon, Dr. Poris is a thoughtful and caring doctor. She makes her patients feel at ease and addresses all of their concerns. She is a great colleague to have since she is reliable and honest and her energy and positivity are contagious!


Dr. Poris is kind, compassionate and very easy to talk to. She truly cares for her patients. She takes the time to fully explain the diagnosis, procedure and prognosis to her patients and their families. It is obvious that Dr. Poris loves the work she is doing. Dr. Poris strives to do her very best for each and every patient.


Dr. Stephenie Poris is an ultimate professional. She did my surgery as she had told me she would do. She is always there to provide an answer and reassure me that everything is normal and I’m healing properly. I highly recommend Dr. Stephenie Poris, my stiletto Plastic Surgeon.


I just want to thank you for bringing back the women I once knew. You made me feel like a goddess all over again! Your going to go so far in your career because you’re so talented. I could never thank you enough.


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