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I am a Floridian, born and raised in the small surfer town of Satellite Beach near Cape Canaveral and NASA. I grew up a competitive cheerleader and figure skater with a love of science and the outdoors. My childhood experiences taught me the values of precision, poise, humility and respect. Becoming a surgeon was a natural choice as these values are the very backbone of training and practice. I pursued my passion and received my Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Florida. While in college, I had the chance to intern in plastic surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. It was then I realized I must become a plastic surgeon. I was enthralled by the intricacies and details of their surgeries and enamored by the dissection and surgical outcomes. Like an artist, the human body became the canvas and the scalpel became a brush. Having my goal in mind, I remained true to my Florida roots and continued my medical education at Florida State University where I graduated and started the long journey through surgical training.

I spent five incredible years in general surgery residency with some of the nation’s best surgeons at Advent Health (Florida Hospital) in Orlando, Florida. From there, it was time for a change of seasons as I matched in plastic surgery fellowship at Summa Health in Akron, Ohio. I am currently a board-certified general surgeon completing my training in plastic surgery. I look forward to providing outstanding and compassionate care as a future plastic surgeon after the completion of my fellowship training June 30, 2021.

Thoughts From Your Surgeon

Plastic surgery in a pandemic? A new focus!

Amplified virtual interactions and the “Zoom Effect” mean facial plastic surgery procedures are at an all-time high. With our faces so often covered in masks, there is increased attention to our eyes and forehead. Crows-feet can stay in 2020 with COVID!

Keeping your work life balanced

I pride myself on being a busy modern woman, balancing my career and family. But sometimes it’s not easy, and even I have limits. As a mom and plastic surgeon, being pulled in all directions can be exhausting. Remember it is okay and healthy to say ‘No!’, take breaks, get a massage, and keep doing things that keep you balanced.

Advocating for YOUR health

With the consolidation of healthcare into large corporations, it can be difficult navigating through large hospital systems. Remember that even making an appointment can be a challenge and it is easy to fall through the cracks. Don’t be scared to ask questions while advocating for yourself and your loved ones. Be the squeaky wheel to ensure the best care possible!

The final months

As my 15 years of medical and surgical training is ending, I am proud and excited to begin the next chapter. Owning a successful plastic surgery practice has been a life-long dream. While entrepreneurship is a steep learning curve, the thought of doing what I love every day inspires me. I look forward to providing exceptional service and care to patients and the community. I cannot wait for August 2021- See you opening day!

It is my personal goal to provide my patients with an elevated level of professional care that has passion, creativity, sophistication, and of course, a lot of fun.”
- Stephenie Poris

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“My hands were made for holding scalpels, my heart I give to each patient, but my feet… were made for sky high stilettos.”

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Who am I when I kick off the stilettos?

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Stephenie Poris

When I am not studying or operating, I love spending time with my son and husband. My family keeps me grounded and I believe there is nothing more humbling and rewarding than being a mother. They are truly the best and I’m beyond thankful to have their support on this long journey. My husband and I love to cook on our Big Green Egg, travel, snow ski, and spend our free time outdoors.

What Others Say


Dr. Poris is exceptional. She has a truly artistic eye and is perfectly suited for the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. In addition to being a talented surgeon, Dr. Poris is a thoughtful and caring doctor. She makes her patients feel at ease and addresses all of their concerns. She is a great colleague to have since she is reliable and honest and her energy and positivity are contagious!




Dr. Poris is kind, compassionate and very easy to talk to. She truly cares for her patients. She takes the time to fully explain the diagnosis, procedure and prognosis to her patients and their families. It is obvious that Dr. Poris loves the work she is doing. Dr. Poris strives to do her very best for each and every patient.

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Dr. Stephenie Poris is an ultimate professional. She did my surgery as she had told me she would do. She is always there to provide an answer and reassure me that everything is normal and I’m healing properly. I highly recommend Dr. Stephenie Poris, my stiletto Plastic Surgeon.


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