Meet Dr. Poris

Plastic Surgeon in Orlando, FL

Who am I when I kick off the stilettos?


Stephenie Poris

I am a Floridian, born and raised in Satellite Beach near Cape Canaveral. I grew up a competitive cheerleader and figure skater with a love of science and the outdoors. My childhood experiences taught me the values of precision, poise, humility and respect. Becoming a surgeon was a natural choice as these values are the very backbone of training and practice. I pursued my passion and received my Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Florida. While in college, I had the chance to intern in plastic surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. It was then I realized I must become a plastic surgeon. I was enthralled by the intricacies and details of their surgeries and enamored by the dissection and surgical outcomes. Like an artist, the human body became the canvas, and the scalpel became a brush. Having my goal in mind, I remained true to my Florida roots and continued my medical education at Florida State University where I graduated and started the long journey through surgical training.

I spent five incredible years in general surgery residency with some of the nation’s best surgeons at Advent Health in Orlando, Florida. From there, it was time for a change of seasons as I matched in plastic surgery fellowship at Summa Health in Akron, Ohio. I have completed all surgical training, and I am currently board-certified in general surgery and board- eligible in plastic surgery. I look forward to sharing my talent and passion with you all as your newest plastic surgeon in Orlando, Florida!

Thoughts From Your Surgeon

Plastic surgery in a pandemic? A new focus!

Amplified virtual interactions and the “Zoom Effect” mean facial plastic surgery procedures are at an all-time high. With our faces covered in masks for over a year, there is increased attention to our eyes and forehead. Furthermore, as the masks come off, there is a renewed sense of excitement to glam it up! Let’s bring on the roaring 20s without the crow’s feet!

Keeping your work life balanced

I pride myself on being a busy modern woman, balancing my career and family. But sometimes it’s not easy, and even I have limits. As a mom and plastic surgeon, being pulled in all directions can be exhausting. Remember it is okay and healthy to say ‘No!’, take breaks, get a massage, and keep doing things that keep you balanced.

Advocating for YOUR health

With the consolidation of healthcare into large corporations, it can be difficult navigating through large hospital systems. Remember that even making an appointment can be a challenge and it is easy to fall through the cracks. Don’t be scared to ask questions while advocating for yourself and your loved ones. Be the squeaky wheel to ensure the best care possible!

One Year Anniversary

We cannot believe that one year has gone by since opening our doors! We want to
sincerely thank each patient for your support. You entrusted with us your most
vulnerable moments and we hope we were able to make your experience better than
you could have imagined. For those patients considering surgery or a treatment at Poris
Plastic Surgery - call us! We cannot wait to meet you!

The Stiletto Surgeon Podcast

An educational and fun podcast for all those who aren’t afraid to be stylish and who love plastic surgery! Listen in while we discuss our patient experiences and hot topics in plastic surgery and life.