Brow Lift in Orlando, FL

Brighten and rejuvenate your brows

About Brow Lift Surgery

Rejuvenate your brows with brow lift surgery. Brow lift surgery can correct sagging, heavy brows that hang excessively low and disrupt the eyes. It can also smooth out deep forehead lines that age the appearance. This procedure can elevate your look and help your brows and eyes appear more rested and rejuvenated.


Any healthy adult with drooping or heaviness of the eyebrow area, often with concurrent frown lines and forehead wrinkles, may be a candidate for brow lift surgery. Sagging brows may give an old, tired, sad appearance and may cause candidates to frequently arch their eyebrows in attempts to see better or appear more awake. These issues may be caused by age or genetics.


Brow lift surgery repositions the eyebrows in a more youthful and alert position. Through incisions hidden in the hairline, the skin is tightened and lifted to raise the brows and smooth out forehead wrinkles. By strategically tightening the skin from different angles, this procedure can eliminate forehead creases and frown lines between the brows while elevating the brow line.

Preparing for Surgery

You should be in good health prior to undergoing this surgery. If you are receiving treatment for any chronic health conditions, you will need to request clearance from your primary care physician. You may also need to get an EKG and basic blood work to evaluate your health in anticipation of a successful procedure and healthy recovery. You will also need to plan for adequate time off work and arrange for assistance during your recovery.

Recovery After Surgery

Most patients can expect to take approximately 10 to 14 days off work after brow lift surgery. It is common to experience some discomfort, swelling, and bruising; these recovery signs will continue to improve for several weeks after surgery. You should keep your head elevated until swelling subsides, and avoid any excessive force, motion, or vigorous activity for as long as your surgeon recommends. Detailed postoperative instructions will be provided to help you have a healthy recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect for my brow lift scars?

Brow lift scars are hidden beneath the hairline so that they remain inconspicuous. Like all surgical scars, the scars from brow lift surgery should fade significantly over time.

Can a brow lift make my eyebrows more symmetrical?

Asymmetries in the brow area, such as uneven angles and different heights, may be addressed with brow lift surgery. Those asymmetries that are caused by uneven skin or soft tissue can be fully corrected by a brow lift. If the underlying bone structure is the cause, some correction may be possible, but it is likely that some degree of asymmetry will persist after surgery.

How do I know if I need a brow lift or BOTOX® Cosmetic?

BOTOX® Cosmetic, which can smooth out frown lines and forehead wrinkles, is often recommended for individuals who want to achieve a smoother brow line without having to undergo surgery. However, for severe forehead lines and permanent, deep creases, a brow lift is more effective and will have much longer-lasting results. Furthermore, if the eyebrows are sagging, BOTOX® Cosmetic will not be able to help; only a brow lift can restore a lifted and youthful brow line.

How long will my brow lift results last?

You can expect your brow lift results to last a long time. That said, the natural aging process will continue, and you may experience changes in skin laxity over time. Good skin care practices and healthy lifestyle habits, as well as protecting your eyes from the sun, can help to ensure long-lasting results.