Breast Augmentation
in Orlando, FL

Beautiful, natural-looking breast enhancement

About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Transform your appearance by enhancing your breasts with breast augmentation. Using advanced surgical techniques and breast implant technologies, we can flatter your feminine contours and help you achieve the aesthetic you desire. With customizable options for every woman’s needs, breast augmentation offers a fulfilling experience with beautiful results.

Modern Breast Augmentation 101


Any healthy, adult woman who is not currently pregnant may be a candidate for breast augmentation. Candidates hope to enhance their breast size, fullness, shape, appearance, and/or symmetry. Women ages 18 to 21 are candidates for saline implants, and women ages 22 and older are candidates for saline or silicone implants.


In most cases, breast augmentation involves the surgical insertion of breast implants to improve breast appearance. Depending on your needs, the implants may be placed above or below the chest muscle. An alternative to implants is fat grafting; this breast augmentation technique uses liposuction to remove fat from another area of the body and transfer it to the breasts.

Preparing for Surgery

You should be in good health prior to undergoing this surgery. If you are receiving treatment for any chronic health conditions, you will need to request clearance from your primary care physician. You may also need to get a mammogram, EKG, and basic blood work to evaluate your health in anticipation of a successful procedure and healthy recovery. You will also need to plan for adequate time off work and arrange for assistance during your recovery, especially for activities such as driving, household responsibilities, and childcare.

Recovery After Surgery

Most patients can expect approximately 7 to 10 days of downtime after breast augmentation surgery. Weightlifting and strenuous exercises should be avoided for a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks. To accommodate these restrictions, you may need to limit your work responsibilities and seek assistance for basic household responsibilities and childcare. Underwire bras should not be worn for at least 4 weeks after the procedure.

Breast Augmentation
with Fat Grafting

While most breast augmentation surgeries use implants, fat grafting (fat transfer) is another technique used for breast enhancement. Liposuction is performed to extract excess fat cells from another area of the body. These fat cells are processed and prepared, then injected into the breasts for a natural, subtle enhancement. This alternative to breast implants offers beautiful breast enhancement combined with fat reduction in the original liposuction site, making it a good option for candidates who have stubborn fat deposits and/or concerns about implants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect for my breast augmentation scars?

Breast augmentation scars will typically be located either around the areola (periareolar incision) or along the breast crease (inframammary incision). The scar’s appearance and length will depend on the implant size, type, placement, and your body’s natural healing process. For women getting fat transfer breast augmentation, only small liposuction scars will appear in the area of the body from which the fat was extracted. Most breast augmentation scars fade significantly over time.

Can I get a breast lift with my breast augmentation?

Many women who desire breast enhancement are also bothered by their deflated or saggy appearing breasts. We frequently combine breast augmentation with breast lift surgery to boost breast size, shape, and position so that your results are voluminous, natural, and youthful.

Which breast implants should I get?

There are many breast implant characteristics to choose between. Implants may be silicone or saline, high or medium or low profile. Due to the risk of Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma and textured implants, my practice only offers smooth implants in a wide range of sizes. During your consultation, a detailed evaluation of your anatomy and your aesthetic goals will be conducted to determine which breast implants will be best for you.

How long will my breast augmentation results last?

Breast implant longevity can vary among patients. While breast augmentation results are expected to last approximately 10 years before a revision or implant replacement surgery may be needed. Even so, many women have the same breast implants for much longer than 10 years without needing surgery. For breast augmentation with fat grafting, results are usually longer lasting.

What are the reasons to get breast implant replacement surgery or breast revision surgery?

Many reasons may influence you to undergo a second breast procedure at some point after your breast augmentation. Some women return to exchange their implants for a different size or profile. Occasionally, some women experience complications such as capsular contracture or implant rupture, which require surgical correction. Anatomical changes such a weight gain or weight loss over time may alter how your breasts appear with implants, prompting you to seek revision surgery. Larger implants may cause premature breast sagging, resulting in a need for breast lift surgery. Great care is taken when preparing for and performing your initial surgery to guard against the need for an early revision surgery.