Throughout my entire life I stayed more or less within my comfort zone. I played sports that I was good at, excelled in science which is the basis of my career, held leadership positions, and maintained an extroverted and stress-thriving (Type A) personality with enthusiasm. I was able to manage quite nicely because I was in control – I kept things within my comfort zone.

However, recently, as I finally entered the last legs of my training in plastic surgery, I realized how uncomfortable I felt in something I thought I would be so comfortable in! It had nothing to do with my passion or commitment to the field- but more a self-reflective doubt – here I am… finally!!! Can I make my patients proud? Can I do right by them? Do I have what it takes? I need to do this on my own soon… What happens if…. I have so many ideas… yada yada. For someone that’s used to having it all figured out, these thoughts are and were terrifying. It’s fear of the unknown. ​

However, one day early in the summer after a series of untoward life events unfolded, I had an epiphany- I would embrace the discomfort and use it as motivation to reach that finish line! No amount of fear is going to stand in my way. Becoming a plastic surgeon has been my working dream for over 15 years so bring it on! Here I am, continuing my journey, creating my digital platform, starting a podcast, and writing a blog. These things were merely ideas just recently. The discomfort still makes me doubt myself, but to embrace the discomfort and overcome doubt is the only way to grow and stay creative.