Prior to your surgery you received a “drain log” on which you will record the drain output twice daily. This log will help us determine when your drains are safe for removal. We typically want to see the drain totals less then 25 ml per day before we will pull them.

Emptying the Drains

Each morning and night (or as needed), pop the stopper on the grenade and empty the fluid into a measuring cup. After doing this, crush the grenade in your hand to remove all the air then replace the stopper- creating a vacuum inside the tubing. Don’t forget to write down how much you measured!

Stripping the Drains 

Every couple of hours it is important to “strip” the drain tubes to remove clot within the tubes which can “clog” the drain. To do this, apply a small amount of hand sanitizer or soap onto your dominate hand fingertips. You will pinch the tube where it exits the skin or tape in your non-dominate hand and with your other hand squeeze the tube flat away toward the grenade. This will empty the contents of the tube manually.

Have no fear – watch our video tutorial for a real time demonstration!