To the Wonderful Patients of Dr. Roxanne Guy,

Earlier this year you received a letter from Dr. Roxanne Guy announcing her retirement this July. I am sure many of you consider her a close friend, as do I. She is an irreplaceable figure in our local community and beyond. Dr. Guy’s achievements in the operating room and nationally, as the first female president of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, have paved the way for women like me to flourish in the specialty. I am eternally grateful to her both as my advisor, friend and leader of women in plastic surgery!

I have admired Dr. Guy since I was a young teenager aspiring to become a plastic surgeon. She supported my goals and always had great advice to share. In fact, it was a dream of mine to operate alongside her! While our timing did not quite fit, I find it an absolute honor she has given me the privilege to care for both your previous, and hopefully future patient experiences. This July, I received each of your charts for safe-keeping and look forward to the opportunity to serve you with as much compassion, professionalism and fun as Dr. Guy has over these last 37 years. Whether it is a post-operative question from a surgery she performed, a return visit for injectables, or a brand-new plastic surgery consult, my office door will always be open to you. 

While I know there are many plastic surgeons you could choose to continue your care or establish new care with, I believe my dedication and commitment to both plastic surgery and your patient experience will set me apart from the rest. I look forward to welcoming each of you into our new office!


Stephenie L.  Poris MD

324 East Par St.
Suite 100
Orlando, FL 32804
T: (407) 558-1616