When you get a diagnosis of breast cancer, it changes your life forever. But you don’t have to go through it without help! Dr. Stephenie Poris offers immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy, which uses breast implants to help you maintain your feminine image and self-confidence.

Direct-to-implant breast reconstruction is pretty straightforward: the same day you get your mastectomy, you get your implants. In other words, you go to sleep with breasts and wake up with breasts, so you never have to be aware of the traumatic loss of your breasts.

Getting implants immediately after a mastectomy (rather than delaying breast reconstruction) has many benefits. It has a same day discharge with no subsequent surgeries. There is no need for a tissue expander (which is often necessary with delayed reconstructions), no animation deformity, and the procedure is even nipple saving for the right candidates. Perhaps most importantly, it helps women move on more quickly so that they do not become emotionally trapped struggling to deal with the loss of such an important part of their body.

Another upside to getting breast implants immediately after a mastectomy is the recovery. Dr. Poris will see you the next day after your surgery, at which point you’ll already be up and walking. By about 3 weeks after surgery, patients typically get that pep in their step back, and by 6 weeks they’re ready to go to the gym, travel, and do whatever they want. Assuming everything goes well with the surgery, it’s usually a pretty smooth recovery.

If you’ve gotten a diagnosis of breast cancer, come to our practice and talk to Dr. Poris. She’ll help you understand all your options for breast reconstruction, what it’s going to look like, the timeline, the recovery, etc. It’s important to have this conversation early on because sometimes, the recommended cancer treatment and/or the incidence of cancer recurrence can affect what is possible for breast reconstruction. For example, if you need radiation or breast conserving therapy involving a lumpectomy and radiation, sometimes (if you have cancer recurrence) it makes your future options for reconstruction more difficult. Discussing your options early on will help you navigate a confusing and difficult world when it comes to breast reconstruction and plastic surgery, and Dr. Poris will be there for you throughout the process.

Breast cancer is very serious, but there is always hope for a full recovery, and immediate breast reconstruction can help you deal with it and come out stronger on the other side. Dr. Poris is determined to help women like you experience emotional healing while maintaining your feminine figure through this life-altering condition.

Poris Plastic Surgery is the only plastic surgery practice in Orlando owned by women, and Dr. Poris understands the need for empathy and a woman’s touch when it comes to sensitive topics such as this. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Poris, call (407) 558-1616 or contact us online today.